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We're very excited to be offering a new flour this season, a hard-wheat, versus soft-wheat flour which is suitable for bread baking. You can also use this flour just as you would any whole wheat flour. Read more...



Bring Your Own Bags! We know there are plenty of reasons that you show up without your bags--we get it, there's so much going, especially in the summer--that's why we have extras available. But in the summer, we have to have two times the number of extra bags available, so here's your reminder to put you bags by...Read more


Fair Shares has created a new level of sales opportunities for area growers beyond restaurants and farmers markets. They have simplified for us the most difficult part of farming: marketing. Selling to Fair Shares has enabled us to sell larger quantities of produce with great ease. Not only is the ordering process simple but we can combine our deliveries with other farms in our area. Their commitment to supporting small local farms is unparalleled in the St Louis area, and we love them for it!

Berger Bluff Farm