It’s All About the Presentation

Who are we kidding? We’re only cooking for ourselves and our families these days, so less-than-pristine appearance isn’t a big deal. Plus, this is what real food from small, local farmers who don’t spray their produce looks like.

CSA isn’t just about getting food to consumers, it’s about creating a steady market for our hard-working farmers, and sharing the risks (and the costs) when whether takes it’s toll on the produce. 

Take these Hakurei turnips (aka Japanese turnips) from EarthDance. They aren’t exactly pretty because the rain forced some critters a little closer to the surface, where they encountered some lovely turnips… So the turnips have some scars, which don’t affect the flavor or quality. They just won’t be winning any beauty contests. 

We know they’re perfectly good to eat, but EarthDance is giving us a discount, so we’re passing it along to you ($1 off!). Don’t like the look? Just peel them and no one will be the wiser.  They are delicious raw or cooked, pickled or fermented, as in this recipe submitted by member Joanne McAndrews:

Turnip Kimchi