What's in a share?

Because Fair Shares is a CCSA, we provide a wide variety of food from lots of different farmers and producers in each share. Every week is different. Certainly, you will have fresh, seasonal produce, but also year-round staples like rice, eggs, cheese, pasta, meat, coffee, baked goods, preserved fruits, mushrooms and more. You might be surprised to discover Missouri’s incredible abundance.

Everything at Fair Shares was grown or made within about a 100-mile radius of St. Louis. We include the name of the producer with every item. Because it’s local food, we eat with the seasons and whatever is available at the time. In the dead of February, you will get less fresh produce, but more delicious preserved foods or baked goods.

You can trade many of the items, so the share can fit your diet or tastes. Vegetarian? Skip the meat and get fresh tomatoes instead. Picky eaters? Trade that special cheese for Missouri-made peanut butter and jelly. Also, you’re not limited to your share. Shop for extras when you come to pick up your bags of goodies.

Don’t be intimidated by a new or exotic-sounding item—that makes it fun! We love to talk recipes when you pick up something you have never tried before, and we have an active online community to help generate fresh ideas. Below are some examples of shares you might get.

Fair Shares has a multiple share options to help fit your schedule, budget, and appetite.

View the most recent shares below

FS15 Wk26 Shares, 9/14&15/2022
FS15 Wk25 Shares, 9/7&8/2022
FS15 Wk24 Shares, 8/31&9/1/2022
FS15 Wk23 Shares, 8/24&25/2022
FS15 Wk22 Shares, 8/17&18/2022
FS15 Wk21 Shares, 8/10&11/2022
FS15 Wk20 Shares, 8/3&4/2022
FS15 Wk19 Shares, 7/27&28/2022
FS15 Wk18 Shares, 7/20&21/2022
FS15 Wk17 Shares, 7/13&14/2022
FS15 Wk16 Shares, 7/6&7/2022
FS15 Wk15 Shares, 6/29&30/2022
FS15 Wk14 Shares, 6/22&23/2022
FS15 Wk13 Shares, 6/15&16/2022
FS15 Wk12 Shares, 6/8&9/2022
FS15 Wk11 Shares, 6/1&2/2022
FS15 Wk10 Shares, 5/25&26/2022
FS15 Wk9 Shares, 5/18&19/2022
FS15 Wk8 Shares, 5/11&12/2022
FS15 Wk7 Shares, 5/4&5/2022
FS15 Wk6 Shares, 4/27&28/2022
FS15 Wk5 Shares, 4/20&21/2022
FS15 Wk4 Shares, 4/13&14/2022
FS15 Wk3 Shares, 4/6&7/2022
FS15 Wk2 Shares, 3/30&31/2022
FS15 Wk1 Shares, 3/23&24/2022
FS14 Wk48 Shares, 2/16&17/2022
FS14 Wk47 Shares, 2/9&10/2022
FS14 Wk46 Shares, 2/2&3/2022
FS14 Wk45 Shares, 1/26&27/2022