Membership Plans and Pricing

Full Share

Half Share

Mini Share

Weekly Pickup

Bi-weekly Pickup

Weekly Pickup




Pick up a full share of delicious, local food 48 weeks/year—even outside the growing season!

Same as a full share, but every two weeks instead of each week

Need a little less? Pick up a smaller share every week—and still add on if you want more!

New members pay a one-time $50 membership fee. The above prices are per share, but due to the CCSA model in which we pay our providers, member payments are made in advance. Our payment plans provide options for how much you want to pay at once:

$1000 A $15 bonus will be applied to your account.
$1500 A $25 bonus will be applied to your account.
$2500 A $40 bonus will be applied to your account.

The system works on a pre-paid credit basis, so your payment is added to your account as a credit, and your weekly share and any extras come out of your credit balance. When the balance falls below the $75 minimum, your card will recharge the payment plan amount you chose.

Try the share option above that best fits your schedule and diet (note that you can switch between share sizes at any time). If you have to cancel your share, let us know and we’ll remove the payment plan so you can spend down the balance. If you require a refund, we charge a $15 disenrollment fee.

If you’re not ready to commit to that, no worries. Join with a two-week trial membership to be sure it’s right for you.