Local Food is IN Right Now

How did you find Fair Shares?

Was it by chance through localharvest.org? If you are unfamiliar with this amazing website, you might want to store localharvest.org in your long-term memory, especially if you have a move coming up in your future. Local Harvest is an online resource with a database designed to connect U.S. consumers with the farmers’ markets, farms, and CSAs in their area simply by plugging in a zip code. You can search for specific foods to see which farms or shops in your area grow or sell them. They also sell specialty items and offer a fabulous monthly newsletter. 

I just received a great email from localharvest.org that offered really helpful advice to those of us in the local agriculture biz, who are experiencing an inordinate increase in sales and interest these days. As the email says: “We are the alternative…to the mass consolidation model.” We, and the hundreds of other small, local food providers around the country, are positively thrilled by the number of families seeking out the CSAs and small farmers for safer, fresher food, which has been handled by fewer people and requires less risk of exposure in acquiring it.

Our hope is that this is not just an emergency reaction that will be abandoned when the Covid crisis is over, but an actual sea change that will continue to improve the lives and health of our families, communities and the environment for generations to come. Change has been a long time coming, and we welcome all the new members to our family, and extend our gratitude to the many members who have been with us for so long.

Check out localharvest.org for a wealth of information, and while you’re there, we’d be delighted if you left us a review on our listing: https://www.localharvest.org/fair-shares-ccsa-combined-csa-M19638