Local Food Recipes

Fair Shares distributes a wide variety of food—both staples for your family dinner, and other produce that you might never have tried before. Check out some of our recipes to see how you could use that food. Or ask us during pickup, because we love to talk food!

Cantaloupe and Fig Salad
Tomato Pie Pot
Loaded Summer Squash
I love potato skins, so I had to try this! It really works with zucchini and summer squash.
Charred Sesame Green Beans
I made these in the airfryer. Some days you just don’t want to turn on the oven. This can easily be made on a rimmed baking sheet in the oven if you don’t have an airfryer.
Pai Huang Gua (Smashed Cucumber Salad)
This traditional Sichuan dish is so flavorful and perfect for summer as a side with BBQ or dumplings.
Freeze Your Peppers
Did you know that peppers freeze well? I freeze extra peppers all summer to use in stews, chili, and jambalaya.
Springroll Salad
Here’s another great idea for zucchini- make zoodles and mix with rice noodles, veg, and fresh herbs in this perfect summertime dish.
Summer Berry Pie
I made the weirdest lasagne the other day. It was good, but unlike any lasagna I've ever eaten. Of course, there was no recipe, only ingredients begging to be part of this wacky dish. 
Zucchini Fries & Refrigerator Pickles
Member Beth Sorrell's Week 16 Recipe The perfect accompaniment to a burger.
Pan Roasted Broccoli with Garlic Scape Lemon Browned Butter.
Member Beth Sorrell's Other Week 15 Recipe 🙂
Cacio e Pepe Frittata
Beth Sorrell's Wk 15 recipe. I was dreaming about the pasta dish I had at Pastaria and decided to make it into a frittata. I had mushrooms and spinach this week but you could add any veg to this.
Garlic Scape Baked Falafels
Beth Sorrell's Wk 14 recipe. These little nuggets are so good! Toss them in a salad, smash them in a wrap with some Cham pita bread.
Caramelized Onion Vinaigrette
Member Beth Sorrell's Wk 11 recipe. Enjoy!
Crustless Quiche
Member Joanne McAndrews shares a crustless quiche recipe that is adaptable seasonally, so it's perfect for any time of the year!
Pan Seared Crispy Chicken with Easy Creamed Kale
Member Beth Sorrell's Week 10 Recipe would be appropriate with any of the cooking greens available this week. Enjoy!
Roasted Radishes with Yogurt-Tahini Sauce
Member Beth Sorrell's Week 9 Recipe is perfect for this time of year.
Spring Green Goddess Dip
Member Beth Sorrell's Week 8 Recipe is perfect for this time of year.
Asian Stir Fry
Member Beth Sorrell's Week 7 Recipe
Roasted Asparagus
Member Beth Sorrell's Week 6 Recipe. Asparagus is here! Asparagus is here! There are several ways to cook asparagus. You can even eat it raw, but my fave is roasting. Here’s a fast and easy technique I use to make the perfect side dish.
Chicken, Mushroom and Swiss Chard Bowl with Wheat Berries
Member Beth Sorrell's Week 5 Recipe.
Kale Salad w/Wheat Berries
I cooked the wheat berries 2 different ways for this salad. Each time I used 1 cup of wheat berries from Fair Shares and 3 cups water. One batch I cooked in my Instant Pot on manual mode for 35 minutes. Quick release and drain. The other one I toasted the wheat berries on a rimmed cookie sheet in a 375 degree oven for 10 minutes and then cooked in a pot on the stove in 3 cups water. The stovetop method took 40 minute…
Yogurt Coffee Cake
Beth Sorrell's Weekly Recipe Once I heard that a simple yogurt cake is the first recipe French kids learn how to bake, I had to try it. Of course I wanted to make it a bit interesting so I converted the recipe into a coffee cake.
Lions Mane Mushrooms
We've heard from a number of members that they don't know how to use these mushrooms, so here is a suggestion that I've tried and enjoyed, and also a link to aubreyskitchen.com, where you'll find a recipe for Vegan (or Vegetarian) Crab Cakes that looks and sounds like a special treat.
Homemade Granola
Member Beth Sorrell's Weekly Recipe 🎶 Oops I did it again 🎶 I overcooked my spaghetti squash and it didn’t ‘spaghetti’. I used it like other winter squash in an enchilada casserole with buttonwood farms chicken I cooked in my crockpot, del Carmen black beans, and prepared enchilada verde sauce.
Chicken Spaghetti Squash Taco Pie
Member Beth Sorrell's Weekly Recipe 🎶 Oops I did it again 🎶 I overcooked my spaghetti squash and it didn’t ‘spaghetti’. I used it like other winter squash in an enchilada casserole with buttonwood farms chicken I cooked in my crockpot, del Carmen black beans, and prepared enchilada verde sauce.
Chicken Chorizo Butternut Squash Mexican Pizza
Member Beth Sorrell's Weekly Recipe Some days I like to mix it up. I usually make an enchilada casserole with this incredibly easy and delicious homemade sauce but decided a pizza was a fun twist.
Pecan Crusted Salmon Over Mustard Sauce
I was hankering for salmon, and my friend Frazer’s famous salmon popped in my mind. I’ve tried making up my own version in the past and never really succeeded—until now.
More Than Meatloaf
Member Beth Sorrell's Weekly Recipe If you love meatloaf as much as I do, you need to make this! It’s not ‘just’ meatloaf. Sure there’s meat in it, but there’s also brown rice and veggies plus a few extras. It’s a balanced meal in every bite.
Fancy Whole Groat Oatmeal
Submitted by Member Katherine Garland. This sounds perfect for this arctic weather--start it at night and enjoy a hot breakfast in the morning.
Mashed Potato Squash Leek Soup
I had never heard of mashed potato squash, much less cooked with them. Once I found out they tasted like mashed potatoes when cooked I was inspired to try them in my favorite soup recipe, and they worked! I hope you try this.
Bison Chili with Black Beans and Acorn Squash
T'is the season to eat chili! This version by member Beth Sorrell includes an ingredient list packed with lots of Fair Shares items.
Mashed Mashed Potato Squash
Easy Roasted Chicken and Vegetables
While browsing the NYT recipes, I kept noticing how alluring their sheetpan recipes are. Go ahead and google "NYT sheetpan" and click images to see what I mean. Peruse the pics and run with it.
Homemade Pot Pie
Cinnamon Roll Fundraiser!
Help us help the Junior League of St. Louis while treating ourselves and those on our gift-giving lists to a special holiday sweet!
Delectable Baked Apples
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Peach Apple Cobbler
Living with a New Englander--even when he's been in St. Louis nearly half of his life--means a Yankee Magazine subscription, which always includes a good recipe or two. I happened to have four small peaches in my refrigerator drawer, which helped inspire me to adapt this Apple-Plum Cobbler recipe. It's simply delicious,
Pork Steamed Buns
OMG, look what I made! I am not a baker, but these crazy covid times have me doing things that are way out of my normal, some of which I am actually ENJOYING!
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