Zoom Dinner Party

This pandemic has been a unique experience for all of us and during these times we have all had to readjust to new ways of living. For you the Fair Shares experience is a bit different with our new pick-up and for us with our diligence in cleanliness and safety for operations inside. For the everyday individual we have had to become more conscious about sanitation,  social distancing, and having to remember to ask ourselves where that darn mask is on the way out the door. 

Being the foodies that we are, one thing that we can say we all miss is sharing a home cooked meal at a table with loved ones. Our members Joanne McAndrews & Larry Eisenman decided not to limit themselves and get creative by collaborating with us for a Zoom dinner with friends! 

Joanne and Larry shot us an email specifying special ingredients for “meal kits” for them and friends to share! The kits included carrots, lettuce, pickling cucumbers, pesto, ravioli, gouda, and Companion seedy wheaty bread. They also didn’t skip out on dessert and added chocolate lava cakes!

Every household involved whipped up delightful meals and shared them via Zoom on July 7th! 

After the meal, Joanne shared some amazing pics of the experience and gave us the scoop on how it went…

“Thank you so much for assembling Fair Shares “dinner kits” for our household and two others. After dropping off food on Wednesday evening, we had a wonderful Zoom dinner party last night, with each household preparing their own dinner using the delicious Fair Shares ingredients. It was the next best thing to gathering in person!” 

We were happy to share in this creative and joyous experience in such a unique era of our lives.

Thanks to Katie Brown for writing up this post