Fair Shares Trial Memberships

Not ready to commit to Fair Shares? Try some shares first! We offer two-week trials of our Full and Mini shares, or you can mix and match to see how much food is right for you.

Normally, we would just have you come in and we could explain everything in person, but for the time being, we’re doing curbside pickup only, and the Trial Share regimen is completely online—let us know if you have any questions after reading the info below.

Pickups are Wednesdays or Thursdays at our main pickup site (aka the Mothership), 5021 Northrup, on The Hill) from 3:30 to 7:00 p.m. or Wednesday in UCity from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m  or Thursday in Kirkwood from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.

Our system gives members the option to trade out any non-produce items in their share for other items in our online store. We post the share lists in the newsletter on Tuesdays, and then allow members to login to their account, where only the tradable items are listed in their online cart for swapping out, selecting replacements and adding extras from the online store.

To sign up for a trial, you’ll choose the 2 Wk Trial at the location of your choice, then you’ll select the two week trial you’re interested in: 2 full shares, 2 alternate week full shares (the Half share), 2 Mini shares, or one of each. You’ll then enter your payment info and select the Debit on Delivery payment plan, and click the Submit Button. 
We’ll email you with more info on your pickup and then you wait for the newsletter on Tuesday night.
You’ll receive the newsletter on Tuesday evening once we’ve loaded your cart and the online store so that you can login, make trades and order extras. You can look around in the store beforehand only if you aren’t logged in, otherwise it will tell you the store is closed.
You should read our FAQ page, especially the Fair Shares 101 and Trades and Orders.
If you would like to continue after the Two-Week Trial, there is a $50 one-time membership fee. The membership works on pre-paid credit and requires you to select a payment plan and keep a $75 minimum on your account, which allows us to keep our large inventory for member trades and pay our producers on delivery.