Special Notice for UCity Pickup

A note to those picking up in UCity from Stephen and all the member-volunteers:
We have two pickup locations: 
1) on the Kingsland Avenue sidewalk by the church, and 
2) in the garage on Washington Avenue across from the church. 
If we’re not at one, we’re at the other. 
Outside by the church we have three locations:
UCA – Sidewalk to the south 
UCB – Near the back of the truck 
UCMini – Up the steps by the church, approach from the sidewalk to the north. 

If we’re in the garage, please enter by walking to the left of the truck and forming a queue until there’s space at your table; looking at them L > R they are Mini – B – A 

Please remember to bring a sign with your group A, B, or Mini, and the share name (for example: Childs-Beard) legible from a distance. We know many of you from years of membership, we’ll get to know the rest of you eventually! 
We’d love it if you wear a mask, at least while you’re around us picking up your share, until there’s a cure…
Please lay your paper bags out fully flat in the boxes for collection, it makes it infinitely easier to organize them later.
If you return empty milk bottles, please confirm the quantity is noted on the forms, it’s often quite busy and harder to figure out later.
And lastly, please check your order before you go
This is critical. You are responsible for what you order, and what you get. 
It’s easier to fix and note something on site than later.
Remember your milk and your pizza! We keep the pizza in a separate cooler bag to keep frozen. 
If you don’t get it, we know what we might do with it later…
Thanks so much everyone!
The full-time member-volunteers, and Stephen the involunteer…