Introducing Harvest Shreds

A number of weeks ago, some of you were lucky enough to get in on the “free” sample of the new Harvest Shreds plant based protein “powered by oo’ma’me”. I say “free” in quotes because we said it was required that everyone who get the free sample fill out a survey on the product. 

Apparently everyone held up their end of the deal, and creator Mark Engel is ecstatic with the positive feedback he’s gotten. We’re super excited to be one of the first two retailers to carry the new Harvest Shreds and invite everyone to try all four varieties. 

We’ll put them in each of the shares before the end of the season, but you’ll want to try all the flavors and you can find them in the online store in the Prepared Foods Category. Because we have them in our system as a choice item, we do run the risk of overselling, but this week’s orders will help inform us how to order for future weeks.

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