Preserving Summer

Whether you are sad to see summer go, or you are happy to welcome in the cooler weather, it’s hard to deny that come winter, we’ll all be missing the summer produce. For those of you who are tired of tomatoes, exhausted by eggplant and pooped of peppers, take this opportunity to put some sunshine in the freezer for a snowy day.

You will be so happy when we put those lasagna noodles in the shares or when you are making a big pot of chili this winter. You can roast up your vegetables with little prep and few ingredients and have a plethora of preserved produce to brighten your bleary wintertime blues. A little olive oil and garlic are all you need to turn individual or mixed veggies into a flavor burst for your winter soup.

Add salt and pepper sparingly if you will be adding this to a recipe so you can season the whole dish as required. If you are planning to cook your veggies down into a concentrated paste, it would be wise not to season them until after cooking, if at all.

Freezing tip: Whether you are using a container or a zip lock to store your veggies, squish them way down together or store with enough broth to eliminate air in order to avoid crystals and freezer burn.