Quick Meal of the Week: Picnic Time

At last it’s getting warm enough to enjoy a nice meal outdoors. Keeping it simple is important, but don’t wimp out and go buy a prepared meal–perfect the art of the picnic with some of these fantastic gourmet locally-produced goodies. (Keep this in mind for the upcoming Shakespeare in the Park in May!)

Prairie Fruits Chevre is so delicious and versatile. It can go savory with Ozark Forest Tomato Tapenade or Companion Artichoke Tomato Spread; and it pairs beautifully with the heavenly Blue Heron Pomona’s Ambrosia. The chevre also makes a great base on a Companion Crostini to be topped with Family Harvest Pickled Hot Peppers and Salume Beddu Salame or Raincrow Ranch Summer Sausage (consider drizzling a little Pomona’s Ambrosia on that for a sweet and savory treat).

You must have a nice slicing cheese on your picnic platter, and Marcoot’s Smoked Gouda is great with the above sausages and Geisert Pork Sticks. Del Carmen Black Bean Hummus or Dip is always a welcome topper for the crostini.

Include a little chocolate for dessert with Kakao and Patric, and don’t forget Fido–we have Yellow Dog Treats!