Quick Meal: Cinco De Mayo Nachos

Cinco de Mayo isn’t just about drinking margaritas–it’s about eating nachos AND drinking margaritas. So throw a quick plate of deliciousness together with your Fair Shares ingredients for a south of the border meal made with all local fare!

Gringos Tortilla Chips and Salsa, Yellow Wood Pickled Hot Peppers (or Blue Heron Fire Roasted Jalapeños), Circle B Chorizo, Braggadoccio Rice and Del Carmen Beans topped with Marcoot Hot Pepper Cheese and Ozark Forest Hot Pepper Sauce will suffice for the appetizer and the meal–especially if you serve it over a salad.

Dessert? Sure, you could make a flan, I suppose, but Patric Chocolate has a simple Holy Mole bar that just reeks cinnamon chocolate (that’s Spanish for chocolate).

How do you say Voila in Spanish? ¡He aquí!