Happy and Healthy


Hello Fair Shares Friends! My name is Amy Knoblock-Hahn and I have been a member for 8 or 9 years (I've kind of lost track, but a long time member)!

I have just launched my own business called Whole Food Is Medicine. The mission of Whole Food Is Medicine is to transform individuals into their healthiest self through a whole food first approach with complementary lifestyle changes. I specialize in weight management, high cholesterol and blood pressure, prediabetes, and general health and wellness.

I would love for you to visit my website at www.wholefoodismedicine.com. If you are interested in any services or know someone who may benefit, please use the FRIENDS promo code for a 25% discount.

Happy and Healthy 2018!

Sichuan Carrot Soup

Also see Dr. Amy's New Wellness Moment Videos  on YouTube

Tip: How to Prep Asparagus

When you get asparagus in your CSA, it's going to be so much fresher and more tender than the often tough and woody stalks you'll find in the grocery store. The "proper" technique for removing the tough end is to hold the end and the lower part of the stalk and bend until it snaps.Read more


To Betty and me, Fair Shares means security and fairness. It is great to know that every week we will be able to move product and receive a fair price for it. I am proud to be part of the Fair Shares team.

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