Spicy Mexican Chuck Roast

Although the title makes it sound like this is a recipe, it really is just a link to a recipe that looks good to me right now so I can talk about my recent fixation with spicy-hot foods.

You see, for my New Year's resolution, I promised myself to eat more hot peppers in my food. It's good for your digestion and has numerous other health benefits as well. Luckily for me, a Christmas present from Kevin and Arianna included a jar of home-dried ripe jalapenos they purchased from Bellews Creek Farm. They were spectacular--flavorful like no other dried pepper flakes I'd ever eaten--and I put them on everything. I ended up cutting back on sweets because I wouldn't want to add hot peppers to them (I am so lying...but am I lying about eating fewer sweets or about not wanting to put hot peppers on them?).

Fast forward to our break last month. Jamie, Stephen and I went on a tropical vacation with other hot-food aficionados and I went from committed to a little obsessed. We cooked all our own food and pretty much everything was HOT; I mean, burning-lips hot. Chips and guacamole, flaming jerk chicken, jalapeno bacon and eggs, polenta and rice cooked in the broth made with the jerk chicken, and plenty of hot sauce on top of everything. We raised the temperature around us, and it hasn't stopped since we've been back. I am now having to taste everything with three or four different hot sauces just to compare them: one I bought down there, Ozark Forest Hot Sauce (both green and red), and your basic Sriracha. The conclusion is YES, more please!

Oh yeah, and here's that recipe for the Mexican Chuck Roast in a slow cooker. I haven't tried it, but we have a bunch of chuck roasts in the freezer, so I'm going to try it, and I'll probably add more heat and eat it with super spicy guacamole. Sizzle on.

Tip: It's Crock Pot Thirty

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