What Really Gets Your Goat?

We had an impossible moment of baby cuteness at Fair Shares this morning. Granted, with Fiona working here now, we have many impossible moments of baby cuteness, but today we got a special dose when St. Isidore farmer Bob Lober showed up with a mama goat and three kids in the bed of his truck. Aww, we want one!

The baby goats were two weeks old, and Bob was bringing them to give to someone who didn’t show up. “How many do you want?” he asked…

Tempting as it was, we refrained and just took in as much preciousness as our camera phones could handle.

Mama goat enjoyed a few weeds from our parking lot and a couple of the babies had a nibble.

Then we said goodbye and got back to the harse, cold reality of writing a newsletter, weighing kale, arugula, mushrooms, lolla rossa, and mizuna, counting leeks, and sorting and organizing. Sigh… 

But at least we still get to keep our regular dose of baby cuteness.