Vote With Your Dollar!

This video is why we choose to know our farmers, eat less meat, and never eat industrial meat. 

This is something we can ALL help change by not supporting the industrial food system. One step at a time. Things didn’t get this bad overnight, and we won’t fix this overnight. But take a look at what we have done to our poor farm animals. It’s enough that they give their lives to feed us; must we torture them and make their entire existence so horrible all in the name of cheap food?

It’s time we put the humanity back in our human race and convince people to make just one small commitment at a time: no more fast food; or purchase meat only from a small local, known producer; or support only restaurants who source local food; or ask stores and restaurants if they use local ingredients. The more we demand it–the more we stop supporting the businesses that use factory farmed meats, the faster this change will happen because MONEY TALKS!

Let’s start talking, shall we?