Trade All Option

We’re on the final pickup of the season, so what do you need to stock up on for the month off? There are so few items on the lists that are not tradable that we have decided to simplify our receipt writing and make a Trade All option. We will add up the value of all tradable items and post it at the end of the food lists.

If you choose to Trade All, but want a couple of the tradable items on your list, just list them as items you want at the trade value noted. Notice that fresh bread costs $4 but has a trade value of $3.50–you will not be charged the additional $.50 since you aren’t really trading it.

Note that some of the share values may not add up to the $50 value even when all the items are tradable. This is for a number of reasons, such as:

1. Some items such as bread don’t have full trade value if the item doesn’t have a shelf life.

2. The price of some items might go up, but rather than raise the price by a quarter mid season, we adjust the price in the shares but continue to sell the item at the original price for simplicity sake (volunteers and employees write up a lot of receipts every week, and not having to consult an ever-changing price list makes it much faster for everyone). Then we adjust pricing at the start of the new season.

3. The share value fluctuates over the course of the season as items come in at different values than expected or don’t show up because of weather, etc. We keep track and adjust the totals week to week to reach the over/under value by week 48.