Superbowl Sunday: February 4th

Whether you’re hosting or going to someone else’s Superbowl party, be sure to bring plenty of delicious local snacks for a healthier version of the typical junk food fare.
How about:

Hot Kitchen Kulture Saag Paneer Dip with Cham Pita Chips
Heat the Saag Paneer and use kitchen shears to cut the cheese, tofu and greens into smaller pieces. Defrost some Cham pita and cut or tear into chip size pieces. Toast in the oven at $200 degees for about half an hour or until crisp. If you want to cook them faster at a higher temp, you really have to watch them.
 – Optional addition: Diced, cooked, boneless chicken thighs or breasts; 1/4 cup Windcrest Plain Greek yogurt
Smoked Salmon Dip with Cham Pita Chips
Mix up a package of smoked salmon with either 8 oz. Marcoot Quark or Prairie Fruits Chevre and 1/4 cup Windcrest Plain Greek yogurt. It doesn’t even need anything else. See above for pita chips directions.

Billy Goat Potato Chips
Open bag, serve. Be careful–any size you open threatens to be a single-serving.

Serve with pita chips. We have a variety of Ropp, Marcoot, Ludwig and Prairie Fruits cheeses.

We also have: Kounter Kulture Lentil Dip, Salume Beddu Calabrese Salame, Tortilla Chips and Salsa (Gringo’s, Ivan’s or Ozark Forest), Dates and Nuts, Pickles and more! Check out the store and order away!