Shishito Party!

Shishitos are tasty little peppers that you can add to any dish you’re cooking, but are most fun to enjoy with a group. These peppers are mild and delicious and make a great tapas dish to share, but beware, because every once in a while you’ll get a spicy one — better have a beer nearby as you take turns trying the next pepper! 

So grab a few friends and a few beers and cook up a little party (if you’re lucky enough to have family members that feel like friends, even better).


Simply saute them whole–stems and all–in some good olive oil with sea salt, and a few halved garlic cloves, if desired. When nicely browned, pour it all onto a platter and serve with some good crusty bread and cold Schlafly Beer.

Everyone grab a pepper. Ready? EAT…did anyone get a hot one? One alarm? Two alarm? Grab that beer! Don’t forget to sop up that delicious oil with your bread. Repeat as necessary.