Peaches 101

We learned something about peaches last year. Ellen Knoernschild of Centennial Farms told us that they picked a bunch of peaches a lot less ripe than they normally do because of the rain. Anyone know why? Well, let us tell you now that we’re in the know. As peaches are coming ripe, their skin softens, and when they get rained on, it can make the peaches swell and the skins split (and that’s no bueno).

If you get some not-quite-ripe peaches, just tuck them aside in the fridge or leave them on the counter and they’ll be ripe in no time. Patience, Grasshopper, it will be worth the wait.

This year, Roy Jacobs of Jacobs Orchards told us the weather really took a toll on everyone’s peaches, so don’t expect an abundant year. This week’s peaches got hailed on just before they were ready to pick, and many of the pits have split. This doesn’t affect the flavor though, so enjoy!