Newsletter Schedule

We will try to get the weekly newsletter out in a timely manner on Tuesday evenings for Wednesday shares, and on Wednesday evenings for Thursday shares. The amount of work involved sometimes doesn’t allow us to get it out until quite late–especially in the summer when the produce is abundant and the organization is very time consuming.

Many people request that we get the newsletter out earlier so that you may know what food you will receive beforehand, but this is impossible because we don’t always know what we will get until it shows up (or doesn’t, as the case may be). Experience has shown that when a change occurs from what we say is in the share and what is actually in the share, a tremendous amount of time is spent trying to explain what happened. Because we allow trades on non-produce items, this also causes big headaches when the actual list changes after members email their trades.

You can see what will be in the upcoming weeks’ shares by looking at the other food lists in the newsletter. Note the number at the top of the food list you’re in; we rotate the pickup groups through the food lists, so if you are receiving the # 1 food list, you’ll receive list #2 next week, or #3 in two weeks. We’ll be on a five week rotation.