Important Schedule and Order Info

Happy Holidays From Fair Shares!


As we all begin gearing up for the holiday, let’s make a note in our calendars about the Fair Shares schedule. 


Although we haven’t worked out all the details, here’s what we know so far:

– There will be no pickups on Week 39, December 28th and December 29th, 2016.

– All Full, Mini, Delivered, and ODD-week Half-share members will be given a credit on their account for the week of no pickups.

– Note that credits to your account will automatically apply to any outstanding balance.

– We will begin implementing our Advanced Payment Policy this month (*see policy details below), so if we find that your account needs adjustment, we will email you with the details and bill your account any weeks needed to catch up. If we need to bill your account, your credit will automatically apply to this, and the remainder can be paid off as with other overages.

– We will have a shopping day/happy hour during our break, probably Wednesday, December 28th. Details to come.


Marcoot Jersey Creamery Gift Baskets

MJC gift boxes include a selection of cheeses, crackers and their own, all-beef summer sausage.** 
Order by Sunday night for pickup with your shares Wednesday or Thursday.

3 Artisan Cheeses, Crackers, Marcoot Jersey Farm All-Beef Summer Sausage (8 oz.)               Enclosed in our classic gift box                          $28.99 plus tax
Enclosed in our signature wood box                  $33.99 plus tax

This gift set includes items that were produced on our farm!
2 Artisan Cheeses, Sweet Clover Honey, Marcoot Jersey Farm All-Beef Summer Sausage (8 oz) and a container of Quark Fudge                 
Enclosed in our classic gift box                          $34.99 plus tax
Enclosed in our signature wood box                  $39.99 plus tax                 

Delicious Cheeses and the board to cut and serve them on!  
2 Artisan Cheeses,  Crackers and a thick Boos Maple Cutting Board. The cutting board is made locally in Effingham, IL and has ‘Marcoot Jersey Creamery’ engraved in the upper left corner. 
                                                                             $41.99 plus tax                 

**Summer sausage availability is seasonal. An additional cheese will be substituted if summer sausage is not available. 

Create Your Own Fair Shares Gift Bags

Pick your favorite Fair Shares items and we’ll package them up real purty with a gift bag and bow for $2.


If you plan to purchase items in quantities over two or three (e.g. chocolates for the teachers), please order by Sunday so we can be sure to have enough stock. 


*Advance Payment Policy Details


The sustainability of our CSA model depends on all members being paid up at least a month ahead of each pickup, so that we have the necessary money in the bank to pay our vendors when they deliver and to buy food in advance for winter shares and additional purchases. This is also necessary for us to allow you to make purchases on account and be billed later.


Our 48 pickups are spread out over 52 weeks of payments, so each Monthly payment covers four weekly shares (2 weeks for half shares), each Quarterly covers 12 (6 for half shares) and each Semi-Annual payment covers 24 shares (12 half shares). Because several months have more than four weeks of pickups, this makes members on these payment plans behind on their payments. For example, if you signed up to start a full share April 1st and paid that day on either the quarterly or monthly payment plan, by the end of December, you would have paid for 36 shares, but you would have received 40 shares, leaving four shares unpaid ahead. Semi-annual full-share payments cover 24 weeks, but members receive 27 weeks before their second payment is made.


To resolve this shortfall, any members who are not paying annually or whose accounts are not paid ahead by a month will be invoiced or have their payments adjusted: Members paying on the monthly plan will be invoiced for one monthly payment; Members paying quarterly or semi-annually will need to reset their payments to an earlier date. You’ll need to let us know at least a month in advance of your annual commitment date if you wish to stop your membership so we can halt your recurring payments and allow you to use the weeks paid in advance. 


If your account needs adjustment you will be notified by email.


Thanks for reading this!

— The Fair Shares Crew