Fair Shares Bulk Buy Club

We were approached with a question by a Fair Shares charter member whose family has increased in size over the six years since they joined. She asked,

“Is there a chance of purchasing any items in larger quantities?”

This got us thinking about the number of members we have for which the quantities in a single share are not enough to feed their whole family, but a double share may not give them the items they want most. We also know that bulk buying typically provides some much needed savings, and that driving from store to store chews up precious time, so we have started researching.

We have spoken with our farmers and vendors to find which items we may be able to purchase in larger quantities or sell at lower cost, and we met with a couple of members to get the ideas rolling. The next step is to find more members (and past members) who would be interested in participating. We are still working out the ideas, and hope to put together a group of you who may work together as a bit of a co-op to help guide the direction of this.

Want to get in on the ground floor? Send an email to orders@fairshares.org with the subject Bulk Buy Club. Let us know what food items you are most interested in (be it locally-produced items or things not available in our area, such as organic oats), where you currently shop for those items, and whether or not you would be able to help make this happen.

We are starting a Facebook Group where we hope to facilitate discussion.