Fair Shares Testimonial Videos

We are working on a project to help us grow our membership: a series of testimonial videos for our website and social media, and we request the help of you, our loyal members. We’ve found that there are several reasons people love Fair Shares, and it’s difficult to capture all those aspects in one simple statement. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of five general topics to answer the question “Why Fair Shares?” and we feel that our members will be the best voices to convey that info.

If you would be comfortable being filmed for an interview during a pickup, please email us and let us know which of the following best represents your reason for committing to eating local and participating in Fair Shares. If you have other reasons that don’t seem to be covered below, please include that in your email. 

1. Health benefits and/or food safety

2. Supporting the local economy and local farmers and community aspect

3. Environmental issues and/or humane animal treatment 

4. Convenience/ease of shopping/value

5. Quality/taste/produce diversity/creativity in the kitchen


We will select from those of you who email in order to represent a diverse cross section of our membership. Our producer, Dan Warner of Fat Chance Media (Kevin’s cousin!), will conduct the interviews and videos, but we will work with members to help narrow the focus.