Emphasizing the C in CSA

Maybe it’s just us, but we find Fair Shares members to be extremely interesting people. They come from all walks of life, and consistently make Saint Louis a better place. In the interest of emphasizing the C (Community) in CSA, we’re going to occasionally draw attention to our awesome members. 

To start it off, we’d like to highlight Michelle Barron. She’s been a member since 2011, and, as of this year, hosts a Fair Shares pickup at her business, The Book House, in Maplewood. They’ve been in business since 1986, and have many rare and out of print books. A portion of the proceeds support Second Chapter Life Center for young adults with Developmental Disabilities and the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition.

In her own words: 

“I became a Fair Shares member so we could start eating healthy and more local. Then became addicted to the food and the variety and have been a member ever since. We love having the food delivered with our busy schedule it is soooo convenient! I love it when we get surprises and different foods that I don’t ordinarily try.  Fair Shares is great about putting recipes and ideas in their newsletter so we can figure out what to do with things like figs and eggplant and the odd squash. I like the spring when we get garlic scapes and blueberries and fresh spinach. But also love the chestnuts and peaches later in the season and we always get our staples of eggs, milk, cheese,  tomatoes and lettuce. Love the heirloom tomatoes and I’m sad when the tomato season ends .”


We know you all like supporting your local farmers, and maybe it’s time to stop in to your local bookstore too!

If you’d like us to highlight you or the work you do, shoot us an email. You don’t have to be a retail establishment, everyone has a story to tell!