Dry Dock Farm Update

I emailed Michelle Wagstaff at Dry Dock to find out how she is recovering from her flood and having to be water-rescued from her home last week. Here is her response:


We haven’t done too much clean up yet. We have been working on the equipment. Trying to find another van. We did empty all the food out of my two deep freezers and my refrigerators.

Waiting for fema to show up and go through the house. We have been declared a national disaster, thank heavens.  It is so bad–worse than I even imagined. We lost so much. We have to go down the creek by boat and I hope to float the small walk-in back to the farm. We are going to do that this week and we are going to put it at Luke’s house to start doing eggs again. (Luke is Michelle’s son). It may be two more weeks before we can get it up and going, I will keep you up to date.  

We won’t be able to get into the garden for a while. Plus we could flood again at any time; we’ve flooded three times in less than a week. I am afraid to put back stuff. Oh well, it is what it is!


I think Michelle’s positive attitude is what is getting her through this nightmare, and all the positive, restorative thoughts and prayers you can send would certainly be appreciated. I told Michelle that we’ve had a few members say they would contribute to a GoFundMe account if she started one, and if that happens, we’ll make an announcement.