"Green" Lunchbox Peppers

EarthDance said they have picked all the green lunchbox peppers from the fields in order to prepare for the fall plantings, so they are swimming in them, and would love for us to move some. I asked whether it was a kiddie pool or Olympic-size pool they were swimming in. I think 400 pounds might fill a lap pool, so we will put them in the shares for the next couple of weeks. These adorable sweet green peppers are ripening off the plants, so it's a bit of a bonus for us!

They may be roasted, grilled, broiled, sauteed or eaten raw. You could even throw them in the freezer as is and just rinse and cook them come winter, although the possbility of freezer burn may increase with lots of air space.

You can eat some raw and grill or roast some up to pop in the freezer. I know I'm always excited to find summer vegetables in my freezer when I'm ready to whip up a lasagna in the winter. Now is the time to take advantage of the end of season produce, especially as we grow tired of all those summer vegetables.

Because the seeds are so few, you can just pull the stems and grill or roast them whole. Toss with a bit of olive oil and roast in a single layer in a 400F oven for 30-40 minutes. If you plan to eat them right away, sprinkle with salt. If you plan to freeze them for later use, I recommend waiting to salt them, or salting sparingly, until you know what you're making. Cool completely and pack tightly in a zip lock or other freezer container. If you're able to remove all the air, they will last longer without forming crystals, and therefore freezer burn.




Tip: Dried Tomatoes

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Fair Shares has created a new level of sales opportunities for area growers beyond restaurants and farmers markets. They have simplified for us the most difficult part of farming: marketing. Selling to Fair Shares has enabled us to sell larger quantities of produce with great ease. Not only is the ordering process simple but we can combine our deliveries with other farms in our area. Their commitment to supporting small local farms is unparalleled in the St Louis area, and we love them for it!

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