Vitamin Greens

When I first heard Tricia at Yellow Wood Farm offer us this green a few years ago, it brought to mind a superhero green in a cape and tights. I don’t know why, but the image remains, and in my mind, Vitamin Greens are the superhero of the greens family. I suppose I could draw a picture of that superhero image, but in the meantime, above is a superhero carrot that arrived at Fair Shares, just to give you an idea.

Vitamin Greens are an Asian green, related to the Chinese cabbage family, and like most Asian greens, are delicious raw or cooked. Unlike many greens, they are tender and sweet, rather than bitter and sharp. Like Swiss chard and spinach, you can cook the tender stalks right along with the leaves, but I like to save the stems to use like celery, either for dipping or in salads (same with bok choy and pac choi stems).

Here’s a blog that has more info, and a super simple recipe, if you need to follow a recipe that says saute them with a little onion, salt and pepper in olive oil.