Snowcap Shiitake Mushrooms

Can’t buy these mushrooms in a store!

Snowcap and Miss Happiness are a cool weather strain of an oak log-grown shiitake. They are a true heirloom Shiitake, where these cannot be force-fruited in a grow room, but will only fruit outside in the forest when the temperatures fluctuate in the spring and autumn. (That’s why you might find some pine needles.)

They are highly regarded in Japan as Donko grade shiitake renowned for the cracked fissures on their caps and thick meaty flesh due to the slower growth. Highly nutritious, "a shiitake a day keeps the doctor away” (Japanese Proverb!).

Tip: Mushroom Handling Tips

Mushrooms need to be kept cold in a breathable bag, so store them in the fridge in the paper bag they come in. Shiitake mushrooms have a tough stem, so remove that and save it in the freezer for stocks. Oyster mushrooms are all edible, except for the dirty little bit at the "root." Oyster mushrooms are more...Read more


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