Say Peas!

Some vegetables are just so photogenic. Take shell peas, with their winning smile.

Even naked (out of their skins, woo woo), peas are cute and cuddly. We’re asking every new farmer who asks what we’re lacking to grow them for us, so hopefully we’ll be swimming in them within a year or two, and that’s sure to make you smile.

To shell them, just squeeze gently along the spine until a bit of it splits, so you can open it up and extract the tender little gems inside. They are delicious raw, as a snack, or you can blanch them in boiling water for just a minute to cook them, which brings out a little more of the sweetness.

Toss them in salads or soups, or puree with olive oil, garlic (scapes if in season), salt, pepper and hard, sharp cheese for a lovely pesto or cracker spread. Sweet.