Help a Local Farmer in Need!

Dear Friends—-
I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to ask your support for Bobbi, Alex, and Rowan, formerly of Live Springs Farm. As many of you know the farm was closed abruptly by the owner, Dorothy Hinkle Uhlig several months ago, right before the start of market season. All of us were shocked and saddened and many of you asked how you could help. We wanted to wait to ask for assistance until Alex and Bobbi had figured out their next move so we knew more specially what they needed.  The time has now arrived and I’m hoping you are still interested in contributing in whatever manner your situation allows.
The closing of this farm for financial reasons is a loss for each of us personally and the food community as a whole. I am one half of the small business Kitchen Kulture. We worked with Bobbi each Saturday for 4 years at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market. Not a week goes by that we don’t miss sourcing our proteins and eggs from LS. The quality was exceptional and the absence of those products on our menu is deeply felt. I’m
sure many of you feel the same especially about the eggs which were beyond compare.
There is hope however. While the farm is gone the farmers are still in the area.  Over the course of the last few weeks Bobbi and Alex have relocated to Clark, MO to lease land from Greg Judy of Green Pastures Farm. (
Greg is an established, well respected farmer who also raises grass fed proteins. He has graciously offered Alex and Bobbi a lease agreement for a very low rate to help them re-establish themselves.  This however, is only the beginning. They have a great deal of work ahead which presents each of us with a wonderful opportunity to be of assistance!
They left their previous employment with a little money in savings, a great work ethic, and lots of experience. They left without fencing, equipment, and livestock. They used a little of their remaining money to buy a camper unit to live in close to the land they are leasing and Alex has secured a job off the farm. They were able to afford to buy 20 hogs to raise this year. It would be hard for them to raise more as the lease situation is on a trial basis. Stop and think how quickly you could land on your feet if your home and your job were taken from you with a weeks notice. It is a testament to their character and tenacity that they have accomplished so much under duress in this short amount of time. Let’s help them because they deserve it, because they have fed us, and we want to see them viable as quickly as possible.
Here’s how you can help. Below is an outline of their short and long term financial goals. No contribution is too small. Please address your check to Bobbi Sandwisch and mail with a note of encouragement to:
Kitchen Kulture
3143 Maury Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63116
If you want to use a credit card or get further information on their situation please call me at 314-277-3881.
We are also working on a fundraising dinner but that will require a little more planning. I will keep you posted on those details as they evolve.
Many thanks and I appreciate your consideration on behalf of this very deserving family. Please let’s join together and make a difference in this farm family’s life. If we all contribute we can get them back in business!
Chris Meyer
Kitchen Kulture 
–$20 buys one 50lb bag of non GMO feed to suppliment the pigs while they forage and graze in the woods. 360 bags are needed for the first 20 pigs.
–$300 will buy supplies to build two troughs to feed the pigs the grain.
–$140 is the monthly rent for the grazing land to raise the pigs. Please feel free to contribute for mutiple months.
–$150 buys a chest freezer to store meat.
–$250 will allow Bobbi to set up a square space website to more easily stay in touch.
—$1500 buys supplies to build a pasture shelter to raise turkeys.
–$1800 would cover the cost of purchasing two batches of day old chicks so they can begin raising chickens.
–$2500 is the cost of non GMO feed to suppliment the chickens while they live on pasture.
—$3000 would purchase a flatbed trailer for transporting chickens to the butcher.
—$7000 supplies materials for building housing for the chickens while they are too young to go to pasture.
–$10,000 would assist Bobbi and Alex in purchasing a used pick up necessary to pick up feed and transport animals.