From the Mouths of Babes

There were so many circumstances that led us to where we are today, pushing local food from local farmers, and trying to get more people to understand why it’s important to know your food and your farmers. Many books, movies and people have added to our repertoire of information to share about the deplorable state of our industrial food system, and the simple solution to make people and the world safer and healthier.

We’ve spent hours writing several different presentations in attempts to cover everything, yet keep the information succint, without getting preachy. When I came across this video on, of an eleven-year-old boy giving a TED talk on sustainable agriculture, I was reminded of a friend’s 10-year-old daughter who is freaked out by industrial meat, and I thought, “Yes! The next generation is going to take us out of this mess.”

This kid covers all the bases without getting preachy or boring, so the next time someone asks Fair Shares to come speak to a group about why to eat local, I’m just going to show this video.