Farmigo Switch

There is action required of every member. 

Your account has been set up in the new system. We have figured and entered all credits or debits to date into your account. This includes share payments made through the 15th minus any overages (or plus any credits) from July 10th through last week. Please follow the instructions in the email you received. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH THE SUBJECT New Fair Shares Farmigo Account – Login Now! please click here and let us know.

There will be one set of payment plans for all members, regardless of share/subscription size. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SELECT ONE OF THESE PLANS AT THE END OF THIS WEEK*, so please watch for a special email! The plan you choose will charge your credit card that dollar amount when your account balance falls below $75. Both the shares and your extra purchases/overages will be deducted from this prepaid credit on our account weekly.

Note that some of you are not paid ahead, and some of you actually owe money, and will have a payment due immediately, even if you just made a payment through the old system. If you ever got a request from us to set up new payments because of a payment failure, this may have gotten your account behind schedule. If you started mid season without being paid in advance, you may have a payment due right away.

Your payments will no longer be tied to the calendar, but to your weekly shares and overages, so if you purchase extras regularly, you will need to set up a plan that covers your monthly expenditures. We are offering bonuses for members who pay larger amounts in advance. Honestly, we’re a little worried about how this new system will affect cash flow, so if you have the ability, we would welcome any advance credit you can put on your account. 

*If you do are not paid ahead and do not set up your payment plan, you will not be added to the list to receive your share! Sorry, but you just have to do it right now.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we suffer through learning this new system. It won’t be perfect (or probably even bearable) at the beginning, but we have great hope that it will be better for everyone once we have it all figured out (I know, that’s pretty optimistic, isn’t it?). Positive energy everyone.