Buttonwood Farms NON-GMO Fed Chickens

We asked Buttonwood Farms farmer Matt Tiefenbrun (son-in-law of Bellews Creek farmer Paul Krautmann) about finding GMO-free feed for his chickens, and this week he’s delivering a small number! Since non-GMO feed is harder to find and more expensive to purchase, the cost of the Buttonwood chicken is going up $.35/lb., but we think this is an important step in making our food system safer, more healthful, and more sustainable.

With all the concern about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) labeling in the news, we are very happy to be able to offer Fair Shares members another source of GMO-free fed chickens. We’re working on other farmers, and have recently found some resources that may help us to move our area forward in the quest for non-GMO feed (once the summer produce slows down and gives us time to work on it–anyone who has time and and interest to help with some research, please let us know).

Note: Vegan chickens should be ready before too long.