Important Info on Ordering

We’re updating how we enter meat in the online store. PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU ORDER MEAT THROUGH FAIR SHARES!

The Farmigo store system creates a challenge when it comes to entering items that are sold by the pound, but come in various-sized packages. We try to avoid surprises by putting as much info as possible in the description, but this still leaves a bit of ambiguity, so we’re going to attempt a new form of standardization.

Items are priced per package unless it has /lb. after the name, which means it is sold by the pound and will be adjusted accordingly. So, a bulk pack of chicken breast will have a price of $7, but the average weight is 5 lb. per package, so it will cost around $35. 

Please order by the package based on the average weight per package that is noted in the description. If you are looking for a three-pound chuck roast, order 1 and feel free to email us that you are looking for three pounds. If you enter a quantity of 3 in farmigo, expect to receive three chuck roasts.

We are working on updating all the meat items in the store, so for the time being, work on the premise that you order by the piece and we adjust the price based the weight.