Farmer Pics

We've gotten some farm photos and stories to share this week.

Floods 2017
Here in the city, we are always aware of the floods in our region, if nothing else but because of the media coverage. But our farmers are accutely aware and very often severely affected by the spring rains that often devastate their crops, animals and homes. Every year, we fear for the livlihood of our dear, hardworking farmers when Mother Nature rolls the dice to decide on draught or deluge--or in some cases, both in the same season.

This week, Nicola MacPherson of Ozark Forest Mushrooms included the photo and caption below in her weekly newsletter. We thought that our members, like us, may appreciate an opportunity to see the trials our farmers endure, so we can be extra thankful for the bounty they work so hard to bring to us each week.

"Above, a view from our mushroom house! Sinking Creek just barely missed the shiitake grove and the vegetable garden. This is one of the worst floods we've had in recent memory."

The rains have kept many farmers from getting plants in the ground yet, and we're hoping not to see this delay too drastically in our produce this summer, but already we know of a few items, such as lolla rossa lettuce from St. Isidore, that may be on the chopping block (and we all know lettuce is supposed to be torn by hand, so this is not a good thing.)

On the other hand, St. Isidore has some lovely salanova lettuces thriving, as evidenced in our shares these past few weeks. Other farms have high and dry fields as well:

Fresh from Ferguson, EarthDance Farms has a beautuiful bed of organic head lettuce for us...



Another of our certified organic farrmers Keith Biver of Biver Farms sent this nice view of the luscious lettuce varieties we're including in the shares this week...

Tip: CSA Eating

There is a learning curve to eating locally and seasonally, so give yourself and your family the time to figure it out. It's worth learning because it can save you time and money, make you a more creative cook, and teach you to appreciate your food more as you savor the delicious quality of produce at its peak of...Read more


To Betty and me, Fair Shares means security and fairness. It is great to know that every week we will be able to move product and receive a fair price for it. I am proud to be part of the Fair Shares team.

Alan Nolte, Nolte Hills Farm, Morrsion MO
Nolte Hills Nursery