Um, yuk! Really?

We found this jar on the shelf of returned items, and thought we should say something, because, well, that's gross.

Yes, the farmers have to clean and sterilize the jars before reusing them, but let's face it, nobody wants to deal with disgusting jars that haven't been rinsed.

It's not like it's going to a big industrial recycling facility--we know our farmers (and like them!) and we don't want to give them filthy jars any more than we want to wash your jars for you, so please...and thank you.

P.S. We don't need the solid lids back, only the rings.

P.P.S. We only want the jars that you got from Fair Shares, please.


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Yellow Dog Farms is a successful small farm in a large part due to Sara and Jamie at Fair Shares CCSA. They were willing to take a chance on a budding (pun intended) first generation Farmer. We were not a supplier to Fair Shares the very first year, but have been ever since and hopefully far into our shared futures.

I am proud to be a supplier and you should be proud to be a member of Fair Shares CCSA where we are all involved in growing and eating better quality, healthy food and supporting small, local businesses and small scale agriculture in Missouri and Illinois.

Yellow Dog Farms