Valentine's Chocolates

Nothing says I love you like buying yourself chocolates, and if you're in love with someone besides yourself, you just may be willing to share.

Your heart is on fire...

Bittersweet Kitchen Chocolatiers
- Salted Caramel Chocolate Sauce or Bourbon Butterscotch Sauce: $10.75. Great heated and served with a spoon.
- Lava Cakes: $9.50. Heat in microwave for 30 seconds and eat with a spoon--even better when you're being fed off someone else's spoon, baby.


Tip: CSA Eating

There is a learning curve to eating locally and seasonally, so give yourself and your family the time to figure it out. It's worth learning because it can save you time and money, make you a more creative cook, and teach you to appreciate your food more as you savor the delicious quality of produce at its peak of...Read more


To Betty and me, Fair Shares means security and fairness. It is great to know that every week we will be able to move product and receive a fair price for it. I am proud to be part of the Fair Shares team.

Alan Nolte, Nolte Hills Farm, Morrsion MO
Nolte Hills Nursery