Oh Farmer, Where Art Thou?

With the big snow and the extreme cold, we have even fewer things coming in this week from our farmers.

Any greens that are in the greenhouses and hoophouses right now aren't doing much growing--it's more likely they are just shivering and trying to stay warm. Washing and drying potatoes in frigid temperatures isn't a happy prospect either. Some of our farmers couldn't even get plowed out from their driveways. So open a jar of peaches and fantasize about the summer.



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Fair Shares has created a new level of sales opportunities for area growers beyond restaurants and farmers markets. They have simplified for us the most difficult part of farming: marketing. Selling to Fair Shares has enabled us to sell larger quantities of produce with great ease. Not only is the ordering process simple but we can combine our deliveries with other farms in our area. Their commitment to supporting small local farms is unparalleled in the St Louis area, and we love them for it!

Berger Bluff Farm