Valentine’s Chocolates

Nothing says I love you like buying yourself chocolate, and if you love anyone besides yourself, you just may be willing to share. Order Kakao or Bittersweet items, and we’ll put together some Sweet Treats and Teacher’s Pet Gift Bags for you to choose from as well. Available next week for Valentine’s Day.

Order this week for pickup on Wednesday 2/10 or Thursday 2/11

If  we’re able to get some in this week, we’ll send the orders now, but don’t expect to have these items before next week.

Your heart is on fire…

Kakao Chocolates

  • To My Valentine Chocolate Heart: milk or dark chocolate, with lustre dust, $14.75
  • 5 Piece Valentine Slider Box: mix of milk and dark chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, $14
  • Chocolate Token Heart: milk or dark, $4
  • Chocolate Floral Lollie: milk or dark, $1.75

Bittersweet Kitchen Chocolatiers

  •  Salted Caramel Chocolate or Bourbon Butterscotch Sauce: $10. Great heated and served over ice cream yogurt, oatmeal or used in baking other sweets.
  • Lava Cakes: $10. Heat in microwave for 30 seconds and eat with a spoon–even better when you’re being fed off someone else’s spoon…wel