Ravishing Radishes – Watermelon and Purple Daikon

These beautiful, showy radishes command attention on an appetizer plate or your salad.

Watermelon radishes are large with green to white skin and a dazzling fuscia-red flesh. They are sweet and mild in flavor and entirely approachable.

Purple daikons have a starburst of spectacular purple “tie-dye” inside.


These radishes, like daikons and the sweet, white Japanese Hakurei turnips, make great chips for dips when sliced thin and soaked in water in the fridge. You can remove some of the pepperiness of these root vegetables by peeling them. They also sweeten up and lose a bit of spice when cooked, so consider them for your veggie roast (especially when you find those errant fellers rolling around in the back of your veggie drawer–don’t feed the compost, feed your family!).