Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey Now!

Order by Sunday the 13th. This is earlier than past years’ deadlines, so don’t delay!

Buttonwood is short on turkeys this year, so we have a limited number of whole birds available. Whole turkey price is $4.50/lb. Hens range from 16-20 pounds and toms range 20+ pounds. We will fill your order as close to your preferred size as we can, within two pounds, if all grows as planned.

Note that that the regular array of pieces will not be available unless we find a different source. There are only a few boneless breasts available and the price will be $8.75 per pound for a 4 to 7 pound breast. 

Fresh turkeys will be ready with your share pickup on the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving (Wk 36). EVEN-week Fair Shares members will get their turkey at their regular pickup site. ODD-week members can pick up their turkey on their off week, either at their regular pickup site, or the Mothership. Just let us know so we don’t send your turkey to the wrong location. 

Non-Fair Shares members will come to Fair Shares main pickup site near Kingshighway and 44.

We’ve created an online store item for Thanksgiving Turkey, and ask that you put the number of pounds you’re looking for in the quantity box

Fair Shares members can order through their account with their regular trades and orders by November 9th. The price is listed as $0, so we will use this info as your reservation, and you will receive the automatic email as your order confirmation. If you miss this date, you may email by Sunday the 13th, but we will probably be sold out before then.

We’ll enter turkey into your carts with the actual weight and price for Thanksgiving week.

Orders must be received by Sunday November 13th. We will email a list with your last name, pickup location and requested turkey size(s) for confirmation. If you do not receive this email by end of day on November 14th, please email sara@fairshares.org to let us know and re-send your order!

Non-Fair Shares members can just click here to order.