Notes from the Farm: Shepherds Crook Dairy

The surefire herald of spring’s quick approach is the coming of lamb season. Shepherds Crook Dairy is in the midst of lambing right now. All the ewes that are born will be brought up to be a part of their growing milking flock. The new rams will be raised on pasture for several months and then processed as spring meat lambs. 

Jeanne Johnson from Shepherds Crook writes: “We have a BUNCH of lambs on the ground . . . 12 arrived just yesterday alone!   Unfortunately for us, but great for you, they are all ram lambs except for 2 little girls. Lots of market lamb should be ready in 60 to 90 days.”

Shepherds Crook raises their flock in a low stress enviornement not found in larger operations. A common practice for dairy farmers is to separate newborn lambs from their mothers immediately after being born in order to keep a higher percentage of the milk for cheese making. Shepherds Crook chooses to “leave the lambs on the mamas all day, separating them at night, then milking in the morning.  That way, the lambs receive the best nutrition, we get more milk, and everyone stays happy and healthy.  I believe that Nature is the best teacher and I want to follow that philosophy as closely as possible.”

Shepherds Crook Dairy’s approach is typical of the small farmers you support through Fair Shares.