La Tortilla Buena

There’s a new kid in town! And he’s making happy, local, organic corn tortillas–rejoice and eat Mexican.

Our very own Kevin Warner is launching a part-time entrepreneur career in corn-tortilla making. We’re very excited to be at the point in production where the tortillas are ready to go in the shares! As I write, Kevin, his father-in-law Cliff and his uncle (our brother) Jack are at SLU rolling out the masa into tortillas.

This is the first large production run and we’ll be happy for your feedback as we learn how they freeze, what the shelf-life is, and other quality issues that may need to be resolved. You are welcome to tell us your feedback, or email kevin at

Right now, the plan just includes corn tortillas–no wheat tortillas yet. The organic Missouri corn is from Braggadoccio, and our friends at Mission Taco are making it into masa. Kevin and his crew are then rolling out, cooking and packaging the tortillas for our shares. A true, local collaboration.

Since the large-run is still largely a trial, we’re not yet sure how many will be available for sale, but we do intend to put them in all the shares, eventually. Go ahead and order and we’ll send them if we have them: $3.00/8 corn tortillas.

Kevin asked me months ago about creating a logo for him, and I said Sure, but never came through, otherwise there would be a snazzy, sweet logo above. Soon…