Better Than a Good Egg

We ordered two dozen of these elated eggs (even happier than our regular eggs!) from Blind Star Farms. Let us know if you are willing to pay an extra 10 cents per egg for the real deal. That comes to $6.00/dozen. Seriously, at 50 cents per egg, how much happier can you get? Here’s what they say about their eggs:

Our commitment to the highest quality eggs includes:

* 100% non-GMO feed – our feed comes from a local Missouri feed mill that is a dedicated non-GMO mill and they are certified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Verified Project; the alfalfa hay we feed over winter is also non-GMO (because unfortunately there is also GMO alfalfa hay now)

* Our non-GMO feed is also diversified meaning we aren’t feeding a ration that is solely built with corn and soy. Our feed ration includes grains and seeds like oats, milo, wheat, and sunflower seeds.

* We raise new chicks to become egg laying hens on a regular schedule so that we have a consistent supply.

* They are truly pasture raised…I emphasize this because there is so much variation in terms of what that actually means. What it means to us is that our hens always have green grass under foot and that the space they occupy on pasture is offering plenty of space for each hen and meaningful foraging opportunities for them daily. They are not contained in cages or buildings. In addition, their activity on the pasture should be enhancing the productivity of grasses and legumes in the pasture, not contributing to weed growth, not compacting soil, and not creating bare dirt areas. We accomplish those goals by moving the hens daily to fresh grass.

You can see first hand our full commitment to this by visiting us on the farm through a private scheduled farm visit or joining us October 13, 2018 for our Farm Tour and Customer Appreciation Potluck.