Simple Zucchini and Onion Saute

This is just a simple dish that makes its own thickened
sauce and is wonderful over pasta or rice, or in risotto,
cooked wheat berries or other whole grains. It's versatile
and forgiving, and can be adapted to your particular tastes.


Serves 4-6.
• 2-3 zucchini or squash, sliced into 1/4” half rounds
• 1-2 sweet onions, sliced into 1/4” rounds and quartered
• 3-4 cloves garlic, chopped
• 2T. olive oil
• 1/2 t. sea salt & several turns freshly ground black pepper
Heat the oil in a skillet or wok over medium high heat and add the veggies all at once. Allow
to cook until softened and releasing their juices. If you prefer your onions caramelized, add
the zucchini and garlic 5-7 minutes after starting the onions. Add salt and pepper, and any
fresh herbs, if you like. This would be good with eggplant in the mix, as well as mushrooms.
Add some grated Marcoot Tomme cheese, if desired.

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As both a vendor and a member, I've found Fair Shares to be a wonderful organization to be a part of. It has opened my eyes to a whole range of farmers/producers in the region that I may never have had the opportunity to come in contact with if it weren't for my involvement with Fair Shares. And you folks all rock!

- Josh Allen

Josh Allen, Companion Bread, St. Louis MO
Companion Bakery