Hamburger Helper


Although American Grassfed Beef doesn’t really need any help, here are a few suggestions for a super burger on the grill.
1. Fresh herbs: add a half teaspoon of chopped parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, tarragon or summer savory, or more to taste. (anyone humming a tune?)
2. Garlic chili oil: mix in a teaspoon or more to taste of this spicy Thai condiment available in Asian supermarkets for kicky little burger.
3. Cumin is so good. Try a quarter teaspoon whole or ground, along with a 1/2 teaspoon of paprika, and one large clove minced garlic.
4. Bellew’s Creek Chipotle Pepper: did you use it all already? Certainly not. Add a sprinkle.
5. Garlicky mushrooms, slathered right atop your perfectly grilled burger.
Please keep in mind that grassfed beef is lower in fat than grainfed beef and overcooking will make it tough. The Whisnants have some great cooking tips and recipes on their American Grassfed Beef website:
While you’re there, read Dr. Patti Whisnant’s blog and articles--she’s really incredible and has a good blog on the great American burger from April 10th.

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Del Carmen has been a vendor for Fair Shares for 3+ years now.  We have developed a quality relationship based on trust. Our communications have been seamless. In addition, Fair Shares and its members have been great marketers for our products.  As a (very) small business, we are unable to advertise or market our products, so we have to rely on word of mouth.  Many of our customers are, were, or know Fair Shares members who have recommended our products.

Del Carmen has also benefitted from valuable ideas for use of existing products and suggestions in product development from the Fair Shares community.  I go to them for feedback, knowing I will get good, reliable and useful information.

We thank you, Fair Shares, for your support and commitment to del Carmen. We wish you much continued success.  After all, your success also helps the success of del Carmen and other local vendors and farmers.

Estie Cruz-Curoe, del Carmen Beans, St. Louis, MO