Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Make every day Earth Day. We reuse and recycle and need your help! Not only are we helping the earth by recycling, we’re helping our farmers and producers save money on packaging materials. Please note, we are not offering to do your recycling, and ask that you bring back only these returnables from Fair Shares: egg cartons you got from Fair Shares; RINSED half pint, pint and quart jars* from Fair Shares; berry/cherry tomato cartons and clam shells from Fair Shares (please note the “from Fair Shares” trend, and note the photo of recycling no no’s below.

We reduce our use of plastic bags in order to keep costs down and contribute to the glut of plastic in the environmnet. There will be plenty of produce we need to weigh into plastic bags, but there will also be lots of fresh produce items that are bunched or loose, so we encourage you to bring along some of your produce bags from previous weeks to help keep everything fresh. Also, note that berries and cherry tomatoes often come in open containers, so to keep them from spilling all over your bag, bring along a couple of extra to slip the carton into for the ride home.

The items in the following photo are things we can’t take back, but we encourage you to recycle them yourself. 
Did you know that Operation Brightside is directly across Kingshighway from the intersection at Northrup where the FS Mothership is located?

Here are the jars we DO NOT take back:

Hilty Jars with labels (If you want to soak the labels off any of the quart or pint jars, we will take them)
Ozark Forest soy and hot sauce bottles
Olive Oil
Balsamic vinegar
Nut Butters
Plastic Bottles or Jars

Here are the jars we DO want back:

Blue Heron
Ozark Forest half pint jars

We also take back all the pint and quart cardboard and plastic berry and cherry tomato containers.