Grits are Good!

Thanks to Todd Eller for this recipe--sounds like a winner.



3 cups liquid (broth/water combination)
1 cup grits
3 T crack butter
ΒΌ C brown sugar
Locust honey for drizzle
Bring 3 cups liquid to a boil and add salt. Stir in grits slowly and keep stirring for about 5 -7 minutes. They should be thick. Remove from heat.

In a non-stick pan, melt butter and add brown sugar until you make a thick slurry type paste. Adjust to your taste. Add grits to the skillet and set heat to medium high.  Cook until well incorporated and very thick.

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I am proud to be a supplier and you should be proud to be a member of Fair Shares CCSA where we are all involved in growing and eating better quality, healthy food and supporting small, local businesses and small scale agriculture in Missouri and Illinois.

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